Fitness & wellness classes for corporations

We come to you, making fitness and wellness convenient and time-efficient for your employees to fit into their day, making them happier and more productive.


Wellness retreats

We provide half-day and full-day retreats, encompassing meditation, health education, fitness tips and mindset morning routine suggestions.


Buy-one-give-one model

For every person in a class sold, a class is provided for someone in an underserved community. We are continuously looking for partnerships with organisations working in this area.


Host a class!

We are happy to provide fitness and wellness classes to special groups, including a group of friends, special events, small businesses and organisations, and more.

Happier people. Healthier people.

Accessible to all, because it should be.


Increased productivity

People who bring fitness and wellness into their daily routine are shown to have higher work productivity.

Lower turnover rates

Employees working in corporations actively promoting their wellness have much lower employee turnover and reduced absences.

High rate of return

For every dollar a corporation spends on wellness for their employees, they gain a return between 3 to 10 dollars.

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A quirky pair. Connected through friendship at the Centre for Social Innovation. Ready for impact.

Sam Marentette

Wellness Instructor

Sam Marentette is a mindfulness advocate and patience promoter. Having studied nursing academically, she found that there was a more holistic and proactive approach within the health care market. One which promotes mental and physical wellness before reaching the formal medical system.

Katt Grant

Fitness instructor

Fitness has been a part of my life for as long as I can remember. It helps me feel better when I’m down, and when I’m doing well it makes me even stronger. Fitness is an important part of my routine, and I’m so happy to be part of the transformation in making fitness and wellness available to everyone.


from class participants

Peggy Sue D.

Program Manager

“I like the positive, no judgement space. LOVED that all this (fitness class) can be done without equipment! Felt like I learned good tools for life.”

Sidney M.

Studio Artist

“I couldn’t think of a better duo to accomplish the goal’s that Two-Set Wellness holds.”



Normally, I tend to not enjoy stretching/yoga type activities due to being quite inflexible. It was a very pleasant surprise when I found myself getting very into the movement. At the end of each iteration, I felt a wave of joy come over me. It got me into a space where I could really settle into the meditation part.”